As we pulled up the church this morning, the pastors were already singing. There is something beautiful about hearing the beautiful sounds coming out of the building. All it needs are people dancing. No  not any of us…that would be bad.  

On our second day of being with the pastors. Neal and John covered 1 John 2 and 1 John 3. I spoke for a few moments to tell the pastors about my life. I never understood before just how hard it is to speak through an interrupter. The pastors are thirsty for knowledge and want the most out of their time with Neal and John as they teach. 

The translator today was named Jose. I have to say he was a very large man which is not very typical here in Rwanda. Often, when Neal or John would something for him to translate, his translation would be a much, much longer than their statement.  We kind of believed he was having a tough time coming up with the words. Just another piece of the struggle communicating the good news across cultural barriers.

On the whole it was another great day and worship experience.  Another part of how God works his wonders and gives his gifts.  

God Bless

Jerry D’Agostino