Wrap Up teaching day

Wrap Up teaching day

Today was “wrap up” of two full weeks of closing complete with a closing celebration after an early lunch (early especially for them).  We always try to get the Pastors on their way by 12:30 so the majority of them can get to their villages before night...
Wrap Up teaching day

From the Ladies

Muraho, shuti nziza!  (Hello, dear friends!)   Christina and I are in our second day of teaching.  Yesterday we traveled about 2 hours to Batima in the south of Rwanda and met with about 38 women.  These more rural ladies may look more care-worn...
Wrap Up teaching day

Thoughts before Shane Departs

As I spend my last night in Rwanda before leaving to return to my family and church family in Worcester, I look back at the past week teaching and fellowship with the pastors with great joy. Investing here each year is rewarding on a level that I have a hard time...
Wrap Up teaching day

Good Rain brings Good Rain

Good Rain – This is Rwanda’s rainy season, but there has been a persistent drought.  That is until we came, 3 out of 5 days have seen good downpours – and the earth is soaking it up.  Perhaps our coming also brings good rain.   Shane gave an...
Wrap Up teaching day

Day 2 of Teaching

Hello From The Other Side! This is Shane once again. While you all are bracing for some snow and chilly temperatures, John and I just enjoyed a beautiful African sunny day in the mid 80’s :). What a great break from the cold weather we get to enjoy each...





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