Hi, everyone.  This is Christina.   Well, we’ve been having quite a time here.   Every day is an adventure, every experience an opportunity to learn.  Yesterday we drove down a couple of hours to the southeast region, Bugasera, almost to the Burundi border (but only because our driver got lost).  A few miles off the main “highway” is the town of Batima, but 3-4 miles beyond that town (the road was more suited to mountain bikes), we came to the Horeb Church.  A beautiful group of 20+ women came out to greet us singing and dancing.   We were barely out of the van and they were surrounding us with greetings, hugs and kisses.   What a wonderful time of worship (of course dancing) and prayer and sharing we had with them.   I spoke from Titus 2 about being women of influence.  Peggy talked about the importance of teaching God’s love through Scripture as a vital aspect of parenting.   Lucy spoke about her new marriage to David and how God has worked in her life.   After meeting for about three hours, we shared a Fanta and a cake together, then sang and danced together some more.   As we said goodbye and climbed into the van, the women lined the van path and escorted us to the main road, dancing and singing with joy.  They kept leading us out, and at one point danced in front of the van, not letting us advance.   Never have we received such a welcome, nor a send off with such love!

I want to also tell you about John’s work assembling and repairing the solar panel sets.   This is labor intensive, behind the scenes work.   Yesterday, John spent about 12 hours, on the floor, repairing broken panels, replacing wires, repairing connectors.  The picture shows all the components:  6’ x 4’ panel (which have been bent, creased, rolled up); controller, battery, LED lights, a screwdriver, and USB attachments for ALL kinds of phone chargers.  These solar panel projects have immensely benefited the pastors, their families and churches.  I think all 60 pastors have received them.

Tonight was the official start of the Marriage Retreat.   This is the third such conference since 2013.   Peggy, Lucy and I met with the Pastors’ Wives for about three hours this afternoon before the first plenary session.   Pastor Shane hit it out of the park, speaking about the foundation for the conference:  Oneness in Marriage.   He outlined God’s design and purpose for marriage through various Scripture.  He told us that our marriages are to be a testimony to our churches and our community of the eternal, intimate bond of God’s love.  He encouraged pastors and their wives to accept the challenge to grow in oneness.  Tomorrow morning, Neal and I will speak on Pathways to Oneness through trust and physical intimacy.   Peggy and John will speak on parenting as one in the afternoon; then Lucy and David will speak on communicating as one Friday morning.   In between there will be separate wives and husband meetings, as well as a panel Q & A.    This is a very unique experience for the pastors and wives to spend the night together alone in rooms at the retreat center.

It’s been hot here.   The days are long.   And we’ve not had water at the house for a few days now. But the joy we’ve shared has been energizing.   Thank you for your prayers!





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