Good evening from Rwanda. I will start by saying don’t judge a book by its cover. Before coming on this trip I will admit I was a little worried by what people were saying and what we see on TV. Once we got out of the airport my eyes were opened. Pastor Theo and his family were there to greet us. I’m the kind of a guy who is a people watcher when I get into a new situation, but I couldn’t help but feel comfortable around them. Miriam (Theo’s wife) had a fabulous meal ready for us.

The people in the city are very friendly.  Kilgali, the capital city,  has mini shops for specific needs all grouped together. And when you shop its basically like the show” Let’s make a deal”, lots of haggling.  But overall the shops are clean and people are just trying to make a living. 

We have been here for only a day so far. I have noticed that the people are happy for what they have. It’s hard for most of them but they make due. And finally just something I noticed. They have chicken, pork and beef yes. I haven’t seen any but they say they have them. But I also don’t see cats or dogs running around either. This is the only place except for a Chinese restaurant that I don’t see them running around. What you eat in Rwanda stays in Rwanda!

Jerry D’Agostino


PS – They don’t eat the cats and dogs! They just don’t have them…a fall-out of the genocide.  Off to church tomorrow.  Going to try to get  Jerry to dance.   (Neal)





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