Good Rain18: First Post

Visiting a site outside of Mosaka where we taught in 2011. This off the grid project purifies water and recharges batteries for up to 500 homes.  The batteries power lights. Pretty impressive.

Personally, John and I are adjusting well to the 7 hour time difference. As always we are experiencing that things take much longer in Africa as yesterday’s errands which took all afternoon would have been done in just a few moments in the US.

We’ll have our first worship experience tomorrow at the Harvest Christian Church in Kimironko.


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    Jill says

    Happy you got there safely. Sending prayers for good health and a Blessed time there.

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    John Harris says

    Such a great opportunity we have there to show our love for them and spread the truth. Enjoy the work, and know that we are praying for you and our brothers and sisters in Christ over there!

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    Gina says

    Glad you arrived safely and with luggage. Have a great time! Enjoy the warm weather.
    Go Patriots!

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    The Garofoli Family says

    Prayers coming your way! We are planning to read your updates as a family throughout your trip. May God bless you all, keep you safe, and allow your spiritual gifts to lift up those you will be with!

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    Peggy Coffey says

    Praying God’s Will be done…Shalom!

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    The Muellers says

    We’re praying for you and look forward to checking in for your updates and prayer needs. Thankful to hear of God’s faithfulness during the first leg of your trip.

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    Jaye Hill says

    Glad you’re safe! Will be praying

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