Are Life Groups House Churches?

Are Life Groups House Churches?

Pastor’s Word As we read about the beginning church in Acts and the Epistles, we often see how they met “in the temple and from house to house.” Paul and Timothy wrote to Philemon and “the church that meets in your home” (Philemon 1:2)....
Are Life Groups House Churches?

Why I Teach Kids

Pastor’s Word When Pastor Steve asked me why I continued to teach children when so many from my generation no longer do… I feel it is vital to instill the truth of God’s word in our children while they are young so they are not led astray by the lies of...
Are Life Groups House Churches?

A Value of Church

Pastor’s Word This past week’s message about loving one another within the church had people responding how Hope Chapel has been such a good church to them as others have helped them in many ways over the years. These types of stories never get old. We...
Are Life Groups House Churches?

Following God’s Plan: Hannah – Youth Summer Intern

Hannah’s Word.  Hey! This is Hannah, one of Pastor Ken`s youth interns for the summer! You might have seen me and the other intern, Chloe, around the church for the past month or so. I am from Pensacola, Florida and staying here for the summer to assist Pastor...
Are Life Groups House Churches?

What You Know & What is New

Pastor’s Word.  As many of you know, Pastor Neal and Christina are away now on sabbatical. We pray that it truly is a time for them to refresh, retool, and rest. Of course, the ministry here at Hope Chapel continues. And I’m grateful for the culture of...
Are Life Groups House Churches?

We’ll See

Pastor’s Word.  “While the cat’s away, the mice come out to play!” I don’t remember when or in what context I heard this aged expression, but it did come to mind when I began planning for my sabbatical this summer.  The thought being that people might be tempted...
Are Life Groups House Churches?

Situational Awareness

Pastor’s Word.  This past Monday Steve and I had the opportunity to attend a training held at the Andover Police Station entitled, Protecting Your House of Worship with Compassion. There were a number of items covered that might need to be considered over the...
Are Life Groups House Churches?

Stating the Obvious

Pastor’s Word. Sometimes it’s just necessary to state the obvious. Case in point. How should Christians “feel” about senseless acts of violence against people just because they are different, such as the two transgender individuals murdered...





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