Psalm 51:12-17 “will not despise a broken and humbled heart”

By now I hope that you’ve seen that God wants more than just your actions and your words. He wants your actions and He wants your words. But He passionately wants your heart. In our own efforts, our hearts will not be automatically filled with the things God desires because we are sinful human beings. We don’t do the things we wish we would but we do the things we wish we didn’t (Romans 7). In order to change the outward, there has to be a constant change inwardly. In order to have the fruit of the Spirit such as love, joy, peace, and patience, we need to have our tree’s roots planted into the work of Christ on the cross. This study isn’t so much about what we need to do as much as it’s about letting God shape how we think, feel, and act from the inside. Note how the Psalmist asks the Lord to change him. The best thing the Psalmist can do is to recognize his need for God. He humbles himself and offers to God his broken and weak ability. The imagery is a heart that is crushed and broken in many pieces. This illustrates a heart that recognizes its necessity for an inside fix that can only happen by an outside source. It is a heart that is humble and repentant. God will not despise anyone who humbly comes to Him for help. He will disapprove of anyone who tries to relate to Him with only actions and words and not with a submissive heart.

Prayer Starter: My Father in Heaven, I thank You for telling me exactly what You desire. I don’t have to come up with a list of “dos” and “don’ts”.  I place myself under Your wisdom and leadership. I recognize the need for You in my life. I can’t do this alone. It’s not about trying harder. It’s about letting go and letting You step in. Forgive me when I’ve tried to do things without You. Forgive me when I have been filled with pride. Shape me, I am Yours.

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