Luke 12:22-34 – “where your treasure is, there your heart will be also”

You will chase what your heart desires. People often say they don’t have time for certain important things in life, but the reality is that they will make time for what is important to them. You can see what is important to you by the way you spend your time and money. You may say that you don’t have much of a choice in some activities and bills, but the truth is you get some type of benefit from those activities and services or you wouldn’t be doing them. You work in order to earn a paycheck. You may not like your work, but you enjoy getting a paycheck so you continue working. The alternative to not getting a paycheck is not appealing. It’s not something our heart desires. We don’t desire to be poor, hungry, homeless and helpless. Jesus is saying that in our pursuit to keep us from the areas we don’t want to be in, we stress and worry and spend much of our time, energy, and resources on unsatisfying quests. Jesus is saying stop spending so much of your heart’s desires and your mind’s thoughts on fulfilling goals that honestly only last for a short time. God knows we have need of them. He will provide. That doesn’t give us a right to sit on our hands and expect a handout from God.  But He has given us life for more than a pursuit of earthly things. He has given us life to pursue a life of eternal impact. To make such a switch from earthly focus to eternal focus, start with where you spend your money. Your money chases your heart. So let your heart chase after God’s heart.

Prayer Starter: To the One who owns everything and to the One who gives me everything I have, forgive me Lord for chasing more after the things that You give rather than You, who gives them. Forgive me Lord for thinking that I needed those things to ensure my safety, my enjoyment, and my belonging. Help me to put my trust in You to provide the things that I need in this world. Thank you for the ability to work hard. I will not work less harder, but I will put my work into the things You say matter such as reaching the lost with the good news of Jesus Christ. May my time, my talents, and my treasures show that my heart belongs to You.

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