Hope for your Marriage

Hope for your Marriage

This is the 3rd session from our Marriage Seminar in Nov 2018 with Alasdair Groves of CCEF New England. We’ve already talked about how conflicts are opportunities to learn about our spouse’s desires and love on them better. We’ve already talked about...
Hope for your Marriage

Manipulation in Marriage is Our Problem (yes, all of us)

In November 2018, Alasdair Groves from Christian Counseling and Education Foundation spoke at our Marriage Seminar. At first, he shared God’s agenda for marriage. It was a challenge to see how conflicts are ordinary opportunities to learn more about our spouse...
Hope for your Marriage

God’s Agenda in Marriage

During our Marriage Seminar in Nov 2018, Alasdair Groves (Biblical Counselor at Christian Counseling and Educational Foundation – CCEF) talked about how to help our marriages reflect more on being “In This Together”.  There were 3 main sessions....





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