Proverbs 12:25; 15:30 – “a good word cheers it up”

There are plenty of things in your life that can weigh you down. There is the busyness of schedules and activities. There is the worry of provision and protection. There is the concern over work and relationships. How can we push up those weights that are pushing us down? Proverbs gives us two specific ways. The first way is to listen to some good news. Watching the morning or evening news usually doesn’t help because they typically consider violence or controversies as compelling news. That isn’t necessarily what we need to know. So where can you go to find good news? Of course we can find it in the Bible as we spend time reading God’s promises and His love for us. But we should also find it when we talk with others. This is an encouragement for our words to be suitable for cheering up a heavy heart. Our words have great power to tear apart or to mend together. When we unload on others, we need to understand that it can also either overload or uplift their heart. Keeping positive in your words not only can cheer up the other person, but it helps you focus less on the negative. Listening to good news from someone else’s mouth or from your own is good for the heart. The second thing to cheer up a heart is called “bright eyes” or the “light of the eyes.” Some translations render it as a “cheerful look.” When we give someone a smile and eye contact, it can be uplifting. It tells them that you have recognized them and it is a delight to see them. It’s not very encouraging to see someone’s face turn to disgust when you look at them. So smile more. “Bright eyes” could also mean that your eyes are focused on things that are bright. “A cheerful look” could mean that you have a cheerful outlook on life. Do you tend to think of your life in the negative or the positive? Do you tend to focus on what needs fixed or what is going great? What you look at directs your path. If you focus your attention on the negative, you will notice the negative. If you focus your attention on the bright side, you will give strength to the heart. None of this means that we deny the things that give us anxious, depressing, or worrisome thoughts, but we understand that we need to give our hearts something better to cling onto.

Prayer Starter: Hello Good Good Father. I will admit that I may not always picture You in my mind as smiling at me. I may have images of You sitting stoically on a throne in heaven or contently lecturing to a group of disciples. It may also be a pattern in my life where I don’t focus on being cheery or intentionally excited about the day ahead. Let me see You as a joyful Father who shares with me good news. Let me hear some great news today. Give my heart a reason to rejoice. Help me to have eyes to see the good news. Remind me all day to smile at everyone I met. I know that it will not only lift my heart but it will lift theirs as well.

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