Next Steps

Being connected and growing in your relationship with God and others happen when you take intentional next steps. We want you to go at your own pace, but we also know the importance of continually taking next steps. Taking next steps helps you feel like you belong better at Hope Chapel as well as getting to know God more. What's your next step?

Q and A with the Pastor

We know settling into a new church can be a bit challenging. This event is designed to help make that as easy as possible by sharing the most helpful information, answering your questions, and letting you meet a few folks. Childcare is provided. This event occurs on the first Sunday of every month after the second service. To sign up for the next Q & A, register here.

Foundations of Hope

This four week group experience is for both the curious and the committed. We want to make sure every person knows how to build a life on a “Hope that will not disappoint”. Foundations of Hope will give you a next steps opportunity to meet other folks in our church community, get some basics skills about growing in your faith, learn about the strategy and structure of Hope Chapel, and discover how you can get plugged in the ministries of Hope Chapel. This is a great place to start connecting and feeling like a part of Hope Chapel. This continual four week class reoccurs on Sunday mornings. To sign up for the next Foundations of Hope, register here.

Connect in a Life Group

Since one of Hope’s convictions is that Faith is a Team Sport, meant to be lived out in relationships with others, we offer a number of small group settings where you can learn the Bible with others, be supported and encouraged, and build some great friendships. To learn about Hope’s Life Groups and find all the available groups, click here.


The Bible teaches that all men and women are sinners and as result are spiritually dead in the eyes of God. It also teaches that every individual who responds to the conviction God brings into their lives by asking God for forgiveness of Sin based on Christ’s death on the Cross and commits themselves to living for Christ by faith is born again spiritually in the eyes of God. The New Testament commands Christ’s followers to testify to that spiritual resurrection through the act of Water Baptism.

To receive more information of Baptism or to talk with a Pastor about being baptized, please send an email to

Membership (Partners in Ministry)

Hope Chapel practices congregational polity, which means it believes it is the responsibility of the Members of the Church to stand before God and discern what God’s Will is for the church. Therefore, Hope Chapel takes Membership very seriously. To qualify to be a Ministry Partner of Hope Chapel a person must:

1) Have a personal faith in Christ as their Savior and Lord,

2) Been Baptized by immersion as a Believer,

3) Clearly sense that God has led them to Hope Chapel as their Church home, and

4) Attend a Ministry Partner Membership class.

To receive more information about being a Ministry Partner or sign-up to attend the next class email