April 14

9 & 10:30 AM


April 17

6-8 PM

Seder meal

April 20

6 PM

Baptism Service

April 21

9 & 10:30 AM


More than a symbol, it is true Freedom

Join us this Easter season as we explore how “The REAL Jesus” provided salvation. Jesus was more than a good teacher. Jesus was more than a man who talked about God. He was God. He is God. And He came on earth to solve a problem. The problem of sin. We’d encourage you to check out the resources below as well as these events.


We have already been learning all about the event of Jesus’ life through our sermon series called “The Gospel of Mark: The Real Jesus.” Starting on April 14 (Palm Sunday) we are full swing into the final events of Jesus’ life on earth which brought the forgiveness of sins. At Hope Chapel, you’ll find a relaxed and casual atmosphere with genuinely warm and friendly people. You will not be singled out or asked to do anything. We want you to be yourself and connect with God as we worship together. Our services are approximately 65 minutes long. Our services begin with a band leading worship while the words are projected on a screen so you can sing along as you feel comfortable to do so. Of course there are the a few short proverbial announcements that need to be made. Next follows a message that is relevant to your day-to-day life and is grounded in the truths of the Bible. Many people like to stick around after service and visit, although that may have something to do with the coffee and refreshments that are served.

Come as you are. We care about you, not your clothes. We have folks who kind of “dress up” for church and many others who participate in jeans. It is all good. So dress as you’d like and come join us.

What is a Seder meal experience?

The Old Testament laid out a Jewish tradition to have a special annual meal during Passover which is a time to remember how God rescued His people from slavery in Egypt. It’s highly symbolic. The Seder is a feast that includes reading, drinking wine, telling stories, eating special foods, singing, and other Passover traditions.

As Jesus ate the Passover meal with His disciples, He explained how He was fulfilling and creating a new covenant in His name. It’s highly symbolic.  Jesus, as a Jew, fulfilled the Old Testament requirements as a sacrifice for sins, freeing people from their slavery of sin.

This Seder meal experience is lead by Rabbi Nathan Joiner, a Messianic Jew from Boston. It’s a family friendly event. Registration is necessary.

What about the kids and teens?

During our regular Sunday morning services, our Kids Connect (1 yrs old – 5th graders) is fully staffed and ready for kids church. All of our volunteers are CORI and SORI checked and have been a part of Hope Chapel for at least 6 months. We take security seriously although kids church is far from serious. We have lots of fun. There are teen Bible studies on normal Sunday mornings except on Easter. Kids and teens are always welcomed into the main sanctuary if they would rather worship with you.

During our Seder Meal Experience on April 17, everyone is together in this family friendly event.

Jesus is God’s One and Only Son. He is God. He came to earth to provide salvation, the forgiveness of sins. That’s called the Gospel, the Good News. Here are helpful resources talking all about it.

Jesus ate a final Seder meal during Passover with His disciples as He explained His fulfillment of the old covenant and His start of the new covenant. Join us for this family friendly experience. Registration is necessary.

Accepting Jesus Christ as your personal savior is great. Your next step is to declare it publically through baptism. If you’ve never been baptized by immersion, we’d encourage you to talk to us about it.

There’s a lot to the life and word of Jesus. Many events and teachings lead to His final death on the cross. Read about them in this two week Bible Reading Plan leading up to Easter.

Two Week

Bible Reading Plan





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