Matthew 26:6-35; Mark 14:1-31 – Passover meal, final words to His followers

Matthew and Mark’s accounts are fairly similar. To me, the overall focus seems to be on the betrayal of Jesus. It wasn’t just about the betrayal by Judas, but there was a prophetic word about the betrayal of all the disciples…including Peter. It was a topic of discussion before, during, and after the Passover meal. Of course, the Passover meal is a big deal too because it remembered and celebrated when God brought Israel out of their slavery from Egypt. As Christians, we see how Jesus was teaching that He was the lamb soon to be sacrificed and would be the world’s escape from the slavery of sin. And so none of His followers, even perhaps Judas, ever thought they would or could betray Jesus. Peter was so confident that he wouldn’t do such a thing because he was so willing to die with Jesus. He eventually did die as a martyr but not before he denied knowing the Lord three times. How about you? Do you think you would or could ever betray Jesus? What will you do when you discover you have?

Prayer Starter: Jesus, forgive me for betraying You with my personal desires. Forgive me for betraying You because I was scared of what could happen if I confessed You to my friends, co-workers, or family members. I want my heart to be bold and confident to declare You to anyone who asks. I want my heart to not seek other treasures over You. Help me to offer to You valuable things in my life just like the expensive perfume. My money should be used to support those in need but it should also be used to worship You and promote Your good news. It is in Your name that I pray and praise, amen.

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