Matthew 21; Mark 11; Luke 19:28-20:8; John 12:12-50; – Triumphal entry into Jerusalem and entry into the temple

There were numerous people that heard about Jesus and responded in awe and wonder. There were numerous people that heard about Jesus and responded with a callous heart. There was evidence all around. There was Lazarus raised from the dead. There was the testimony of John the Baptist. Even the rocks would cry out if need be. Yet many still did not believe. Why? Why didn’t they believe Lazarus? Why didn’t they believe John the Baptist? Why didn’t they believe the crowds? Perhaps you can think of your “why” before you believed in Jesus. Perhaps you still have your “why” of not believing in Jesus. Some did believe but didn’t tell anyone because they were scared of being disowned or exiled from the community. Jesus showed deep sadness and anger days before His death because He knew there were not many more days left. Eventually there will not be another day for you to contemplate your reason for not believing. Don’t let others hold you back. Don’t let all your unanswered questions hold you back. Today is the day for salvation because the days ahead may bring death.

Prayer Starter: Jesus, Hosanna, He who comes in the name of the Lord. Thank You for coming to save us. Thank You for coming to be our King. You may not be the physical King of this world yet, but You are the King of my life now. Help me gain the perspective that time on earth is not unlimited. Your days on earth were numbered and so are mine. Let my days be filled praising You and telling others why I believe. Amen.

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