John 12:1-11 – Mary wipes the feet of Jesus with perfume and oil

Two types of people exist in this record of history: those that wanted to give and those that wanted to take away. Both types of people saw what Jesus had done with Lazarus. One type felt safe while the other type felt threatened. Those that believed embraced Jesus and willingly gave to worship, honor, and follow Him. Those that lived for themselves and their own lifestyle took advantage of the givers and made sure their kingdom and lifestyle were not threatened by Jesus. To follow and believe in Jesus would cost them the life they spend years to build. What is a relationship with Jesus worth to you? It will cost you something.

Prayer Starter: Jesus, there may be things in my life that I haven’t been ready to give over to You. I know that it may require me giving up something that has been close to my heart for years. It has become a part of my lifestyle but I know that I need to give it up. Help me Lord to believe that following You is worth more than holding onto it. Let me pour it on Your feet as an act of worship. I don’t want to put to death more things around me just to not let You control my heart. Amen.

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