Ready or not here comes 2017. I think most of us would say we fit more into the “not” category. Can I encourage you to do something? It won’t solve all the “not” issues, but it will help. Take an hour or so over the long weekend to review 2016. I find using my calendar is a great tool. Those of you who are the journaling type will obviously find that helpful. But as you review keep an eye on this question: “What can I change so that I enjoy being God’s child more”? And keep this in mind. Sometimes the change that unleashes this blessing in our lives can be simple: pray a bit more and worry a lot less, do less and stress less, find a way to serve, finally act on that conviction I’ve been feeling and so forth.

A couple of reminders:

– One service this Sunday at 10:30 AM. And boy it is going to be a special as we will be baptizing 13 people. Yes!

– If you plan on making a year-end gift, get it done on CCB today, get into the office by 2:30 PMFriday or to one of the staff before the end of 12/31/16, or plan to mail it with a 12/31 postdate.

Happy New Year!







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