Thank you.  As I’ve been reviewing the past year in prepping for the Annual Meeting, I was reminded of the many, many wonderful folks who make Hope Chapel happen on a weekly basis.  Some of those serve in fairly “public” roles and I am confident receive words of thanks on a regular basis from those they serve.  But there is a small army of folks who serve in the “shadows” regularly, who do so faithfully and their service really matters.  Let me tick off a few (forgive me if I miss some):

–          The wonderful folks who slip out of worship early each week and get the coffee and snacks ready that fuels our after-service fellowship.

–          The folks who arrive in the wee hours of the morning to plow snow and shovel sidewalks so ministry can go on.

–          The constant flow of people who help with ministry to our kids, not just on Sunday mornings, but virtually every time we open the doors for a gathering.

–          The group that shows up every Thursday morning with big smiles and great attitudes to clean Hope’s house.

–          The guys who cut grass, change light bulbs, fix squeaky doors and beeping fire alarms.

–          The rotating team of folks who count the money each week, the next team that readies the deposit, and then the people who prepare all the checks so Hope can handle its finances with integrity.

–          The folks who prepare a meal for a family experiencing difficulty or food for a post-funeral gathering.

–          The folks who walk into our building an hour before Junior or Senior High Youth starts to get the evening meal ready.

–          The guys who show up at 6 to get the Men’s Breakfast ready.

–          The great team of people who rush from work on Thursday night for Worship Team rehearsal, including those who work the Sound and Video booth.

–          The volunteers who pop into the office to help with a project.

–          The team that represents Hope every third Saturday in serving a meal at a Soup Kitchen at our sister church, Pleasant Street Baptist Church.

–          The people involved in providing the activities for the Ladies of Transition House as well as the drivers who bring them to services.

–          The multitude of drivers who show up to shuttle a herd of teens to YEC, CrossWalk, Fall Retreat, or help get our mission teams off to the airport.

–          The prayer warriors who come out every Tuesday morning for prayer at the building.

–          The folks who regularly drop a note of encouragement to others or a word of welcome to visitors.

–          The various task teams that do everything from plan our July 4th Picnic to repaint walls/trim to put up 40 by 80 barns.

–          The folks who are gracious and open up their homes every week for Life Group.

–          The Flower Team that keeps our platform looking sharp.

I thank you.  I believe Hope is grateful for all you do.  May you know the joy of serving God faithfully, something the older brother in the Prodigal Son story missed.







Hope Chapel

35 Chocksett Rd

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