Pastor’s Word

Last’s weeks note highlighted that we have created a whole new Saturday evening service Easter weekend just so that we have the time to do baptisms as a part of our Resurrection celebrations. For some of you it might create the question: “Why would I want to get baptized?” Or for others, “Why would I want to get baptized again?”  Let me start by saying I, Ken or Steve would love to sit down and chat with you about this. But let me lay out a few points right here…

First, baptism is simply a matter of obedience. Every Christian tradition accepts that Jesus commanded His followers to be baptize.

Second, baptism is full of symbolism. The whole point of Easter weekend is that Jesus has been raised from death to life. In the same way, baptism by immersion, conveys the message that you have been delivered from spiritual death and have been given eternal life in Christ…you’ve been spiritually resurrected. The use of water also adds the symbolism that you have been washed clean by Christ and are completely “clean” before God because you are in Christ.

Third, baptism is an act of confession, our way of declaring Christ before people. In baptism we identify with Christ, confessing that you believe in Him and are committed to following Him by faith.

One of the great side-effects of being baptized is spiritual encouragement. When you obey Christ, confess Him openly before others, go “public” with your faith, and remind yourself of how your faith in Christ has changed you forever, you can’t help but be encouraged. I hope you will experience that encouragement this Easter if you haven’t already.

If you are interested in taking this step, you can simply reply to this email or see Ken, Steve or I this Sunday.







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