Pastor’s Word

I was so pleased this week when Pastor Steve told me we had 31 new adults commit to being a part of a Life Group.  Obviously, some of the excitement came from the sheer number of new folks.  But the core of my excitement lay in my sense of anticipation.  The impact on Hope Chapel of 31 new people experiencing the effect of life group living will be wonderful.

Life Groups at Hope have three specific purposes.  Pastor Steve, our Life Group guru, might put these a little different from me, but in substance it’s the same.  The first purpose is Know.  Life Groups are about getting connected to and knowing other Christians.  Living by faith means living in close relationships with other Christians.  You can’t learn to love others as you love yourself without being in active two-way relationships with other Christians.  That is why we call them Life Groups and not Bible Studies… because it is about doing life together.

Second purpose: Grow.  Life Groups are about growing in our understanding of the Word, of what it means to live by faith, and of what it means to be a follower of Christ.  Hope’s Life Groups are designed to spend time studying what the Bible teaches and then figuring out what that means in terms of the way we should live. Seeking to honor the Bible’s charge to us to “make every effort to supplement our faith” (2 Peter 15).  Great stuff.   Always great stuff.

The third purpose is to Serve.  Life Groups are about putting faith into action and serving together.  That can take a ton of different forms, but it comes down to extending the Kingdom together.  And when we serve, we virtually always grow.

So, I am pumped.  When I think of adding 10% or more of our average Sunday morning adult attendance to participate in the blessings and impact of a life group experience (knowing, growing and serving) it creates high expectations in me about what God has in store for us as a church family.

See you Saturday at the OCC packing party and if not then, Sunday.  Be sure to bring a friend.  We love making new friends.







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