Pastor’s Word

When Pastor Steve asked me why I continued to teach children when so many from my generation no longer do… I feel it is vital to instill the truth of God’s word in our children while they are young so they are not led astray by the lies of our culture when they are older. Proverbs says to train up a child in the way they should go, and when they are old they will not depart from it. They need a firm foundation to stand on that will last a lifetime. Parents need to do this at home and we need to reinforce it in our church. 

I believe children can know God and respond to the Gospel at a young age. In the Bible, Samuel heard God’s voice as a young boy and responded. Jesus himself loved little children and held them and blessed them. He called us to have faith in him like a child. 

I first responded to the Gospel at the age of 5 at a missionary conference at our church. They had a children’s program for a week taught by Bill and Evelyn Kenzie, who were missionaries in Sweden. I went forward when they gave an altar call for those who wanted Jesus as their Savior. I was blessed to have parents who were faithful in teaching me and my brothers God’s word. My Dad would get us up at 6:00 AM for family devotions and Bible Study every morning before he went to work. My mom taught Child Evangelism “Good News Club” and Sunday School at our church for 40 years, which I attended as a child. She was about 80 years old when she had to quit to take care of my dad, who had Alzheimer’s. 

I love God’s word and first began teaching when I was 14 and spent a summer teaching Child Evangelism “5 Day Clubs” in Florida. I taught my own Good News Club when I wasin high school, and also taught Bible classes at a summer camp I worked at in my college years. I love God’s word and love children and have continued to teach Sunday School for many years. I am not the most creative or fun teacher, I am not good with technology. Some Sundays I want to quit, and I don’t feel like anything got through to the kids. Then one of them will say something that shows me they were listening, or someone else will give me a word of encouragement, and God whispers to me “feed my lambs.” 

No matter what your age, if God is calling you to serve our children He will enable you to do it, just be faithful.

Jackie Smith

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