In the Bible names mean something as they represent the character, personality or integrity of the person.  I think this would be a great week to change your name to either Philip or Andrew, unless of course that already is your name.  Then I would challenge you to act like one.  Why Philip or Andrew?  In the book the Apostle John wrote about the life of Christ, in the very first chapter (John 1:40-49), we see both guys meeting Jesus and then immediately seeking out others to bring them to meet Jesus as well.  Andrew reached out to Peter who just happened to go on and play a pretty big role in spreading the Good News of Jesus.  Philip brought a guy name Nathanael, who is called in the other Gospels Bartholomew.  He is believed to have first carried the message of Jesus to India.

A simple act…inviting a friend or sibling to check out something that seems to really matter.  The result…huge impact.  So, if you will be an Andrew or Philip this week leading up to Easter and invite someone to come along with you, who knows what God will do?  I can promise you we will be ready.  Lots of preparations are being made.  I think whoever you bring along with you will find a place that will be ready to welcome them with a warm smile, a friendly handshake, and a hot cup of coffee.  They will experience a service that has been soaked in prayer and is specifically designed to be user friendly and spiritually significant.  Thankfully what happens after that is in God’s hands, but the Word and the Holy Spirit have a way of doing some amazing things.

What is your name going to be this week?  Hopefully, either Andrew or Philip!







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