Pastor’s Word

As many of you know, Pastor Neal and Christina are away now on sabbatical. We pray that it truly is a time for them to refresh, retool, and rest. Of course, the ministry here at Hope Chapel continues. And I’m grateful for the culture of volunteering and leadership that has already been established. In many ways, things will continue as normal.

Yet, some things will be different this summer than any other summer. First of all, I’ll be preaching 5 consecutive weeks starting this Sunday. I’ll be teaching and preaching through the book of 1 Thessalonians. There are several messages of hope and encouragement for us in this small letter. I’d encourage you to begin reading it. Since there are 5 chapters in the book, you can read through the book for your daily devotions and then read it again the next week and the next week, etc. Reading through a book of the Bible several times is a great study technique. The Lord will always reveal something new to you each time you read His Word.

A second thing different this summer is the single service at 9:30 am for July through Labor Day weekend. I’m excited about being united as one congregation in one service. No doubt, the place should be full and therefore full of excitement as we praise God in a unified voice. Don’t miss any service if you can. Watching it online will not be the same (although we are grateful for the technology to reach out to those who cannot attend physically).

A third thing different this summer is that Kids Connect will be continuing. In years past, we’ve encouraged family worship services with toddler care provided. Some welcome such a time while most tend to sleep in and watch the adult service from home. We want to continue providing the ministries that met families’ needs and continue to teach the nearly 75 kids who attend. However, our regular volunteers are also needing some weeks off to be refreshed, retooled, and rested so we’re asking you to help fill in 1 or 2 weeks during the summer. There will be little to no prep required. No one serves alone and Jay Tilley, our Children’s Director, will help you have a great time volunteering this summer. Email him at to help. 

We are anticipating a great summer for all ages with our services, special events, and mission trips & camps. Pray for these and for one another.