Pastor’s Word

What is new in the world of youth ministry at Hope Chapel?

Over the past few months God has called out our youth ministry to make some changes. God began to show us our ministry has to continue to evolve in this world of changing times.  We have found that we need to be more intentional with time and energy. Over this past summer we went recruiting more volunteers, not knowing if we would find anyone who wanted to serve alongside those who are already serving and me. I spent time in prayer that God would give us the right people to serve His youth at Hope Chapel.

God showed up in a major way. We went from a leadership team comprised of about 12 to a team of just over 24 individuals, who have heart for youth ministry. Many of those 24 are our devoted and long time regular staff. We now have 12 bible study leaders, 2 for each grade plus helpers. We are able to spend intentional time with more students. God has continued to show up, along with many new students with a hunger to know God’s word. We have been able to challenge students like never before with better accountability and excitement to serve. These things are awesome but pale in comparison to conversations we have had as we have been on a 12 week study through the book of James.

God has shown us how he calls us to be humble in a “look at me” generation. In a culture that says me first, my wants and desires need to be recognized, our students are learning that Christ needs to be first and to long for God’s desires. In a world that says serve me, God is calling us to serve others. We live in a time where knowledge is everything and our students have learned that true knowledge is having a knowledge of Jesus Christ and sharing it. Our staff is learning so much from students and are amazed each week as they come with a hunger for the word. Some say students are the next generation church and if I have learned one thing over the last 12 weeks it is that they aren’t waiting, they are living out their faith right now. They face persecution daily. They are sharing the Gospel everyday in some of the most unlikely places like the sports field, clubs at school, the debate team, writing essays about their faith or having huge online presence. These students are living out what they have been learning from the book of James. If you see one of these amazing students or staff be an encourager. Do not only think of them often, but pray for them. They are on the front lines everyday and are succeeding. I feel blessed to serve alongside these volunteers and students.

In His Grip,

Ken Hall

Pastor of Students





Hope Chapel

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