What are we afraid of?  Will it really be that bad?  A good percentage of Christ Followers are very timid, if not downright intimidated, to invite a friend who doesn’t go to Church to come along with them to a service or study.  And this creates an inner turmoil, whether we recognize it or not.  There is something in the new person we become in Christ that just wants to pass it along, which is why Jesus call us the light of the World, and we have to suppress that natural instinct to not pass it along.  And along with that, a sense of guilt develops.  We know that Jesus has asked us to be His witness, to go fishing for “souls”, and to act like ambassadors of God in the world.  And to not do that, well, it makes us feel bad.

But let me encourage to open up and be a bit bolder.  I think we have convinced ourselves of a worst case scenario that is very rare in not pretty much non-existent.  We think to ask someone to join us will lead to an embarrassing or hostile moment.  But the data just doesn’t bear that out.  Survey after survey reveals that the vast majority of folks who don’t go to church are very open to being invited to church by a friend.  One recent survey, which estimates that there are as many as 150+ million people in the USA who don’t go to church, indicated that more than 90% of them would favorably respond to being invited by a friend.

Wow!  What a great opportunity we are missing.  So go ahead, live a little, and invite someone to join you for Church.  Maybe you could offer to make a day of it…take in the 9 AM service in casual dress, and then spend a day hiking, or enjoying the beach, or take in the 1:30 PM Red Sox game.  At any rate, there really isn’t anything to be afraid of, and something eternal could happen!





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