Pastor’s Word

Wow. What a Sunday. This past Sunday we concluded a special season in Hope’s life in which we dealt with two core components of living in a vital relationship with God: prayer and knowing His will for our lives. But what made Sunday so incredible was that 156 adults and teenagers personally committed to taking next steps to live more fully in God’s Will. Some committed to embracing God’s forgiveness and to let it set them free from their past. Others committed to focusing on obeying what they already know God wants them to do and to stop being paralyzed by what they don’t know. Still others committed to “being” who they are supposed to be no matter what they might be doing. Others committed to finding their place to serve, which is always a part of God’s agenda for our lives.  Praise the Lord. I cannot wait to see how all these people reap the blessings of intentionally walking in God’s Will.

Can I ask you to pray for each other/them? There is no doubt prayer is going to be vital to what happens next. Why?  First, change/transformation is hard and ultimately a God thing. Second, the enemy isn’t going to make it easy. Third, it takes divine wisdom to turn commitment into actual practice. And finally, they are going to need the Spirit’s strength and perseverance.

I am convinced the series we start Sunday has a vital role in that journey. To live in relationship with Him we need to know the “real” Him. Our study from the Gospel of Mark will afford us a great opportunity to get to know the “real” Jesus, not the just “notions of Him” we often settle for. If you are game for it, reading a half chapter of Mark per day during the series will give you the opportunity to reach through Mark four times. Sometimes, that type of saturation in God’s Word is powerfully life-changing.

See you Sunday.  And thanks for your prayers.






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