I never cease to be amazed at how much fun and satisfaction people have when they are serving the Lord.  It probably shouldn’t since I get to witness it every week, but weeks like this one just tend to overwhelm me.  This was our annual construction mission week albeit with a hometown twist as we stayed right here and helped the Church on Seven Hills do some intense maintenance on their recently acquired facility.  The core of the task was to remodel the two main bathrooms and paint as many of the old windows as we possibly could…which turned out to be a monumental task as they needed lots of TLC (4+ hours/window) before we could paint them.  All in all, we make a big dent in them, and the bathrooms look fantastic.

But beyond what we physically accomplished, what was impressive was the spirit of those that served.  They were industrious, eager, and willing.  Evident everywhere was the feeling that people were glad to be there, enjoying making a Kingdom contribution even if it cost them a vacation day and consisted of scrapping a 70-year-old window. But the proverbial icing on the cake was that they were a blast to work with.  We laughed, joke, kidded (mostly me), and in general just had a good old time.  I was blessed to be able to experience it once again.  My thanks to all for making it such a great time both in quality and impact.

If you missed out, there are more opportunities right around the calendar corner.  One is VBS which is the second week of August.  The other is our service project at the Sterling Fair September 7-10.  I hope you can get in on the fun. Serving the King should be a blast and from my experience it usually is.

See you Sunday. And thanks for serving.







Hope Chapel

35 Chocksett Rd

Sterling, MA 01564