As mentioned in last week’s column Christmas has a way of getting very busy. When we get busy we miss things, at least I do.! So let me remind you of a few things you might have overlooked:

–          Hope has out a great Advent (awaiting the arrival of the Messiah) Reading plan. You can find it here: It’s never too late to start.
–          The Happy Birthday Jesus party is this Monday night from 5:30-8:30 at Roll-on-America in Leominster. The point of the party isn’t the free pizza, free cake, free laser tag, and roller skating. It is about kids of all ages recognizing that Jesus is central to Christmas and signifying that by bringing a gift to the King. In this case we are requesting a gift for the little ones who are precious to the King – kids just taken into custody by the Department of Children and Family. And of course, it is about outreach, since Jesus came to reach more folks. You can find more details here:  I hope you will show up with a friend! At a minimum you might enjoy the laugh you’ll get as you watch your Pastor roller skate.
–          Hope’s Christmas Eve services at 4:30 and 6:00. Believe it or not, people are more open to an invitation to attend a worship service on Christmas Eve than just about any time of the year. Maybe putting Christ back in Christmas could involve planning on attending a Christmas Eve service and bringing someone. I know Christmas is a family time, but somewhere in there all of us have to create room for celebrating Christ in Christmas and attending a service could be a simple but powerful witness to your family of Christ’s place in your life.
Awaiting the King,






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