Hi, there.   This is Christina writing.   Today was full of mixed emotions as we continued our concern for Peggy’s healing and trip home with John.   At this writing their return itinerary is still uncertain.   Neal and John are working hard to obtain the needed reports and releases.   Peggy’s attitude and physical response has been amazing.   She has expressed more concern for the uninterrupted continuation of the Good Rain projects than her own circumstances.   

Along with the Bishop’s wife, Miriam and our translator, Angel, I traveled today to Kabunga, a growing suburb east of Kigali.   We drove through an upscale neighborhood with very large homes under construction.   We passed several affluent, very well-resourced schools, as well as a huge petroleum storage and distribution plant.   Then as the roads grew more narrow and bumpy, we came upon Pastor Aimee’s church next to a banana tree orchard.   The Harvest Christian Church in Kabunga is also made of mud brick, situated on government property, next to a neatly cultivated small garden and a very large cow in its stall.   Inside the small but colorfully lit church, women sang loud praise songs (with an awesome drum), and welcomed us exuberantly.  

For the next 1 ½ – 2 hours I spoke about the amazing Body of Christ, the Church, and how God has arranged the different parts as it pleases Him.    We talked about how there are many unique parts (people with different gifts) working together as ONE, functioning with synergy and unity to accomplish God’s purposes and mission for the local church.    The women shared their different roles in the church: Deacon, Singer (choir member), Treasurer, Committee Member, and Cleaner (!).   I affirmed each role, the spiritual implications of their tasks, and the qualities essential to each servant-leader.   We concluded that each role is distinct, but equal in value…one not greater or lesser in importance.   

Many gave testimonies of God’s amazing intervention and faithfulness.   They told of how blessed they are to have a pastor like Pastor Aimee, and also prayed powerfully for Peggy…declaring that she would return and dance/sing on her feet this time next year.  

Pastor Shane continued to teach the pastors today at the Zeraphath church, concluding James and also teaching the basics of crafting a topical bible study.   Jerry continues to impress with his devotions and teaching.   Neal and Bishop Theophile were juggling many details concerning the bags of rice and solar projects.   The day was extremely hot which makes focus and alert learning a challenge.   Another pastor learned today that his sister died, leaving behind a one-year old child.   Life in Rwanda is very hard, especially life in the rural areas.   

Thank you for reading, but especially for praying.   It seems like we’ve been here much longer than just a few days.   Peggy and John continue to show their true character of trust in God and grace under fire.   We are amazed and pray for their soon, safe return.    

PS – We got word that tonight that when they brought the coffin for the Pastor’s sister to be buried, that she woke up.  Wow.  We are still processing, but PtL is definitely in order.





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