Up and Running – GR ’18

Good Rain Team 2 is up and running – well, maybe more like walking – in Kigali!  Such a beautiful country filled with gracious people!  This is the first I’ve been back since I broke my leg in 2016, so I received a very warm welcome from Pr. Theo’s family and the pastors.  One of the women pastors said to me, “We are your family, you are our mother.  I am your daughter, you are my mother.”  How does one respond to such an honoring, loving remark!  I had forgotten the humility we feel here, when just our very presence means so much to these dear brothers and sisters. I don’t think they comprehend  how much they teach us!

We are awaiting the arrival of our last team member, Lucy, who was detained back home.  She’ll arrive your time on Saturday evening around 6:30 pm, which is 1:30 am Sunday morning here.  Hopefully, she’ll get to sleep quickly, as even on Sunday, we have a full day ahead.  Lucy, David, John and I will go with Shane, who’s preaching at the Zarephath Church (where the pastors’ teaching happens).  Later, Christina, Lucy, and I will meet with our first group of women also at Zarephath.

While we’re waiting for Lucy, we’re preparing for tomorrow and next week, and later today will visit the Kimironko Market to buy fabric as presents for the pastors’ wives to take home and make dresses.  John is repairing a few broken solar panels that the pastors brought with them – hopefully he brought enough replacement parts with him, or he’ll be looking for more in the market area.  He’s also checking that all the new ones he brought are working properly before handing them out to those who haven’t received one yet.  He had his first “Solar Panel Operation 101” class yesterday!

We anticipate a joyful and prayerful time of worship tomorrow and pray the same for you at Hope Chapel.  Imana ibahe umugisha! (God bless you!)



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    Pat Gallier says

    Thanks for the birthday call….so exciting hearing from you all. Praying every day for safety, good health and fun as you minister to the pastors and their wives etc. Also pray for wisdom and discernment as you teach and stamina as you answer all the questions they have for you.

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    Claire Rouleau says

    So happy to hear that Christina and Peggy arrived safely and now we are praying for Lucy that she has a safe trip also.
    Claire & Paul

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    Julieann Kaczor says

    Praise God for answered prayers for the safe arrival of each team member and continuing prayer until Lucy arrives. Thank you all for the updates giving us a glimpse of the awesome work God is doing through you. Praying for Strength wisdom andhealth for you all and well being for all the family members of your group here at home.

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    Rob Kilgus says

    So glad Christina and Peggy arrived safely. The weather was terrible when they left and we are praying for all of you doing such great work for his glory! Be well and safe.

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    Christine Mason says

    Peggy and Christina, so glad to hear you are there safe and sound…my prayers are with you as you minister to the woman. You are blessings for sure!!!!!! Hugs Chris

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    Janet Rogers says

    So glad to hear of safe arrivals! We enjoy reading your blogs, they are so eye opening and touch the heart to hear of these dear people. We thank God that we belong to a church that puts such an emphasis on missions. Just think if there never was a “good rain trip” all those years ago, how many now belong to the Christian world family because of all the efforts put in by Neal, Christina and many others. Will keep praying for health and strength as you continue to minister to the pastors and their families.

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