Christmas makes you want to stop and think.  I think that is part of the reason we find the busyness of Christmas so frustrating.  One thing it begs us to think about is the Church and more specifically the type of local church we should want to be a part of.   It is only natural to lean toward picking a church because of what it does for us…we like the music, the people are great, building is comfortable, the pastor isn’t too long winded, it has good programs for my family, it’s easy to get too, they believe like I do, and etc.  Right alongside this, we in the church often measure our “effectiveness” by our ability to provide all of the above.
But I think Christmas challenges to think about Church differently.  As the motto for our recent outreach event (Happy Birthday Jesus party) states:  He Came. He Gave. You Go. You Give.  Embedded in these words is an idea that ought to be a major driver regarding our thoughts about church.  When we think of a church that is doing great or a great fit for us, we should think of one that provides us with tons of opportunities to “go”, to “do”, and to “give”. There is a place to sit and be feed (see Mary and Martha moment in Luke 10) but there is no doubt that the heart of Christmas is giving and serving which is the passion that should grip the Church and its members 24/7.
So how do you think about church?  What about church is most important to you?  Does that line up with the heart of Christmas?  How is Hope doing?  Many folks tell me it is the most “going” church they have been connected with, but are we doing all we should?  Great things to stop and think about, if we will make the time.
Awaiting the King,






Hope Chapel

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