What's the Message?

Most of us know what to expect when Christmas season approaches. We expect decorations, Christmas music, shopping, and food to increase exponentially. We expect to see the family and hear about Jesus' birth. We may also expect some stress and winter blues. But the first Christmas came about in many unexpected ways. The future King would not be born in a castle. He would not be born in riches. There wasn't a big pronounced celebration leading up to his arrival. In fact, he would be born in a carpenter's home. And he would become a suffering savior. We'll simplify the decorations and explore the Unexpectedness of Christmas as though Christmas was turned all upside down.

Why Upside Down Trees?

Upside down Christmas trees certainly don't seem normal. The tradition of a Christmas Tree goes back a 1000 years to symbolize the everlasting life with God the Father, the Son Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit. Around the 12th century, some central and eastern European countries started hanging trees upside down to symbolize Jesus coming down from heaven to earth and becoming a man. It also symbolized the cruxification of Christ as the shape of the upside down tree resembles a cross. It may seem unexpected to have an upside down Christmas tree, but it also has traditional history and deep symbolism.

What about My Kids?

We care about the whole family. Kids, ages 1 to those in 5th grade, enjoy learning about Jesus and worshiping Him in their own way. Kids Connect is available both services except for Dec. 24 and our Christmas Eve Experiences. For teens, we love when they join the main service but we do have Bible classes for teens as well (mixed gender at 9 am, additional girls only classes at 10:30 am).

What about the Music?

Both of our services will have a contemporary style of worship and at the same time sing the Christmas songs you love. On Sunday, Dec. 17, we will have our kids sing a performance along with the Kids Connect team. Christmas Eve will be more of the traditional songs that you love but will be in more of an acoustic style.

What's the Service Schedule?

The series will begin Dec. 3 and continue each Sunday, 9 am & 10:30 am, except on Christmas Eve day. We will have one Sunday morning service on Dec 24 at 9 am. We will also have two Christmas Eve Experiences, Saturday Dec 23 and Sunday Dec 24, both at 4 pm. These Christmas Eve Services are designed for the whole family. No Kids Connect available on these evenings.

Free Devotional

Add to your spiritual focus of Christmas by picking up your free Advent Devotionals, available in the church lobby. The booklet includes 30 days of devotions for the season of Christmas, plus weekly ideas and activities for families and small groups. Each day features devotions from Christianity's most respected leaders such as N.T. Wright, Patricia Raybon, John Ortberg, Joni Eareckson Tada, Russell Moore, Tony Evans, and more!"