With the passing of Memorial Day many of us will officially shift into summer mode if we haven’t already.  And in this age where there is such a great emphasis on staying active, for most that means taking walks through our neighborhoods to enjoy the beautiful weather. Definitely a good thing. But we can make it even better by making some of those walks prayer walks.

What is a prayer walk? Actually it isn’t that complicated. You simply pray for your neighbors as you walk past their homes. You can pray silently or out loud, although I wouldn’t shout or anything like that. You can pray for specific needs you might know your neighbors have such as an illness, unemployment, and such. You can also just ask God to bless each home with His peace and blessings, or to open up an opportunity for you to get to know your neighbors and to become friends, or that God would work in their lives so they would come to know forgiveness of sin and love in Jesus Christ. You can also just pray a bible promise over each house. If you need a bible promise to pray, just google bible promises and you can find one. I am confident that if you give it some thought, you can come up with a whole host of things to pray for as you walk your neighborhood.

The cool thing about all of this, by prayer walking we can turn a simple stroll into a miracle walk. And when that happens, be sure to let me know.

Neal Davidson





Hope Chapel

35 Chocksett Rd

Sterling, MA 01564