Travels and Shane’s Turn

Hello Family and Friends,

Hope all is well.  This is Jerry Ayantola (again the other Jerry, since Jerry D. should be home already as I write this blog).  We heard about the VERY cold conditions you had to endure these last few days, especially on Sunday.  We hope everyone was able to stay warm and get around safely.

Today Pastor Neal, Christina, John, and Peggy got an early start and headed across Rwanda to the city of Gisenyi, which is on the border of Congo.  On the way there, they got a flat tire, but thank God, all went well and they were able to make it to their destination.  Christina and Peggy met with the pastors’ wives in that area, women who had been at their last two marriage retreats in Kigali.  Since it’s a 3-4 hour drive, they stayed overnight in the area and will head back to Kigali on Tuesday. 

Pastor Shane and I stayed in Kigali and went to Pastor Theo’s church where we’ll be the rest of this week teaching the pastors the book of James. Today, Pastor Shane, led three sessions that included introducing who James was and the first two chapters.  It was a long day today, but Pastor Shane did a great job on teaching, keeping everyone’s attention, and answering numerous questions that were asked by the pastors.  Tomorrow, I’ll have the privilege of leading the morning devotion and one of the three sessions on the book of James.  I’m looking forward to what God has to say through the sessions and pastors as we dive more into how James challenges us all on what it takes to be a mature Christian.  Thank you for your prayers and please keep them coming.  Take care and stay warm and safe.


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    Peggy Coffey says

    Amazing and thankyou. Continued prayers!

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    sue mcdaniel says

    Thanks Jerry (the other one). It’s still very cold here (-18 without the windchill) snow warning tonight for 2-4″ turning to ice, sleet and then rain with the warmer temps coming in with a high of 54 tomorrow. Will be praying for your teaching of James to the pastors of Rwanda.

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    Kevin Cox says

    Great to hear guys! I hope the session went well Jerry!

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    Missy says

    Jerry praying for tomorrow that you are bold and that God would give you the words to share with the pastors to help them learn more about the books of James. Love you!!

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    St Jeans says

    It is great that you can double team like that.
    In peggy’s words:
    Imana ibahe umugisha! (God bless you!)

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