During my 30 hour journey back from Rwanda on Sunday/Monday of this week, somewhere in that never-land between fatigue and sleep in an increasingly uncomfortable airline seat, thoughts of my upcoming schedule and the world I had just left invaded my consciousness. I remembered the demanding schedule awaiting me: leading a Marriage Workshop for 3 hours on Saturday and then launching an Easter Sermon series supposedly powerful enough to alter the spiritual trajectory of our spiritual lives. It was a bit overwhelming in my state of tiredness…I wondered if I had used the best judgment in scheduling it all. And then I thought of the 100+ friends (yes they have become friends after 5 years) I had left behind in Rwanda. The vast majority returning to homes where there is no electricity, no running water, no books, no internet, and even no paper to write on. Really, outside of their two weeks with us, most of them lived their lives without access to any kind of outside help…economically, educationally and spiritually.

But then a thought grabbed my attention and wouldn’t let go… that no matter what the context, it always seems that it ends up in famine. Those who have no access to the spiritual encouragement resources like a marriage enrichment workshop or sound biblical preaching always end up hungry…because there is no provision. There’s famine. But those who live in the context of a vast availability also starve, because generally they take it all for granted, have no urgency, and won’t spend an ounce of energy trying to consume the spiritual “nourishment” that is offered so frequently. We turn a feast into a famine by our inattention. And topping that thought off, here I was whining that I had to prepare the “meal” when my Rwandan friends would be thrilled to be even remotely capable of “cooking” up this type of feast.

So let’s not turn a feast into a famine. Take advantage of at least some of the great provisions all around you:

  • Tap into the available Easter Prep prayer and devotional guide available on Hope’s Face Book page
  • Carve out the 3 hours to be a part of the Marriage Winter Warm-Up event this Saturday beginning at 8:45. Every one of us could use to make an investment in this most precious of relationships.
  • And don’t miss service on Sunday just because you lost an hour of sleep due to turning your clocks ahead. The Recovering Redemption sermon series is going to explore how God has changed everything in Christ, us included. So many of us know the truths of Redemption without really living/experiencing them.

And let’s be grateful we don’t have to walk miles on dirt roads in hilly terrain carrying a small bag to spend two weeks sleeping on the floor to have access to all this!







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