Proverbs 23:15-19 – “don’t let your heart envy sinners”

I like how verse 15 says that if the son’s heart will choose wisdom, then the father’s heart will be glad. It goes along with other readings we had this week. Your heart’s decisions do not only affect you, they affect those around you and especially your parents. It brings pride to a parent to see their children make wise and healthy decisions. We also saw that when your attitude is bright, it is contagious. It can cheer up someone else’s heart. Yet when your heart chases folly, it is discouraging to those connected to you. It’s because they want to see the best happen for you. Your parents typically want the best for you. Your heavenly father definitely wants the best for you. We may not always equate those things to be what is best for us. We often have our own idea on what would be best. We have hopes and dreams and descriptions and expectations on what life should be like. And when those hopes and dreams and descriptions and expectations break, we get all bent out of shape. Doing the right thing doesn’t always mean you’ll be blessed immediately in the way you want. The writer here is saying don’t be jealous of those that don’t do the right thing. We may look at what other people have and want it. We may think that thinking like them and acting like them will give us those same results. We may think that the good guy doesn’t always win and so we stop wanting to be the “good” guy. We may think that God really isn’t in control and it’s up to ourselves to grab life by the horns or to gather as many toys as we can because “you only live once.” But the writer is saying we must not envy sinners, rather we are to fear or give reverence to God. We must have that loyalty and faithfulness in God as we talked about at the beginning of the week. We must tell our hearts that God really does care about us, He really does want our hearts, and He really does reward those who follow His ways. Our lips must speak this truth to our hearts as we battle against such temptations to think otherwise. It may seem like evil wins at times, but the story is not over. It is good to remain near God and not to follow the path of sinners.

Prayer Starter: My Father in Heaven, I hope that I make Your heart glad as Your child. I know that You see all things and that You reward or punish with impeccable justice. It may seem at times that sinners get rewarded and the righteous get a raw deal. Don’t let my heart get discouraged by not receiving what I expect a faithful child of Yours should receive right now. Let me remain faithful to Your good Word. I know that following You will lead to a better life both here on earth and later in heaven. Help me to pursue eternal blessings and treasures. Help me to focus on Your promises to the righteous and Your rewards to those who endure Satan’s attempts to derail me from Your path.

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