Proverbs 3:3 – “loyalty and faithfulness … write them on the tablet of your heart”

Loyalty and faithfulness are two words that you don’t hear much about. If you don’t like your phone service, you can go with a different phone company. If you don’t like your church, there are plenty of others around the corner. If you don’t like your spouse…you get the idea. People see everything as being replaceable whether it’s a job, a service provider, or a relationship. But God is saying make loyalty and faithfulness a strong character of your emotions, your will, and your thoughts. We shouldn’t let every situation drive us in a different direction. We don’t need to react so quickly when something doesn’t go our way. Writing things on your heart is saying that they are important to you. The things that are important to you will drive your emotions, your will, and your thoughts. What are some words that you have written on your heart that motivate the decisions you make? Perhaps they are words like being successful, in control, being recognized, having fun, being respected, or deserving better. To hold on to loyalty and faithfulness means that you stick with it even when the other side is not loyal and faithful. These words describe the covenant faithfulness of God. God’s covenant says that if we do something, He promises something in return. There are lots of promises in the Bible and they come with a premise, an “if…then” clause. If you do something, then I will do something in return (Psalm 81:8). God is trustworthy enough that when you accomplish an “if”, He will fulfill His “then.” However, God is also so loyal and faithful that even though we fail on our “if” part, He will not destroy the deal and cross us out. He gives us chance after chance. Are we only loyal and faithful as long as we get what we want or what we think we deserve? Or are we loyal and faithful when the other side lets us down? It is good for our hearts to learn how to be better at loyalty and faithfulness.

Prayer Starter: Wow God, I am amazed at how faithful and loyal You have been to me. If You were a mere human, You would not have put up with me. I am not as loyal and faithful to our relationship as I should be. I don’t write, call, text, or visit You often. I sometimes use the excuse of being busy or having other things to do. You call us friends and I need to be a better one. Prompt me on a continual basis as I learn to apply loyalty and faithfulness to my life. Help me to be planted firmly in my faith so that I will not be shaken or toss about when things in life push me around.

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