All signs point to the Christmas season being the best time of the year to invite a friend or family member to attend a service, whether it be one of our regular Sunday services or the Christmas Eve Service. And there are a lot of great reasons to invite someone too. First, the number one reason why people decide to attend a service is because someone invited them. They tend to respond to those they trust, and you are the perfect fit. Second, the services will be awesome, with a wonderful mix of traditional Christmas elements and contemporary splashes. Third, it really can lead to a person’s eternity being altered for the better.

So how do you go about inviting people? Here are a couple ideas:
  1. For the tech savvy, you can grab some of the info and images off our website or Facebook page, and post it up to your own social media accounts. The ripple effect can be amazing.
  2. Grab several of the invite cards that will be strewn around the lobby beginning this Sunday and pass them out to family and friends. They are professionally done and are great reminders.
  3. Invite someone to join you for Church on a lead-up Sunday followed up by grabbing some lunch and doing some Christmas shopping. That will give you the time to process a bit of what they experienced during the service as well as enjoy good company while you elbow your way through the crowded stores.
  4. Or if you prefer the straightforward method, you can just ask someone. Invite them over to watch the game, and just after they get done swearing at the TV over a dumb play, you can blurt out: “Hey, want to come to church with me on Christmas Eve?”. But feel free to choose your own script.
So, start asking God now who He has for you to invite this year and begin praying for them. There is no greater way to celebrate the arrival of the Light them being used of God to shed the light into someone else’s life.

See you Sunday.



PS – If you haven’t grabbed one of the Giving Ornaments off the Giving Tree yet, you can do so this Sunday or whenever you are in the building.  We would love to have them all back in by December 18.





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