Like many of you I am ready for the endless stream of political ads to be over with. Thankfully, election day is almost upon us. I want to encourage you to do several things this coming election day.

First, vote. If you haven’t voted early, you might have to endure a bit of a line, but vote. When the bible challenges me to “honor the emperor” (1 Peter), I understand that to mean that I need to honor our democratic system and vote. So whether I am excited about voting, or it is inconvenient to vote, I sense I just need to vote. You should to, in my humble opinion.

Second, be informed. There will be other races and issues on the ballot besides the one for the Presidency. Take the time to figure out who is running and know what they are about. If you can’t find much on the individual candidates, then research the platforms of the parties they are affiliated with. There are also four questions on the ballot on which you can vote. The first is about allowing an additional slot-parlor/gambling facility in the state. The second would allow for more charter schools to be started in Mass. The third deals with issues related to the commercial raising of animals. The fourth deals with legalizing the recreational use of marijuana. You can find out more here: (copy and paste into browser). You can also find a list of all the candidates running for office on the Secretary of States website (see above).

Third, pray. We need to be praying for our nation, our state, and our leaders. To encourage this, we are going to have the church building open for you to come and pray during polling hours on November 8. You can swing by before you vote or stop by after you have voted. We will have the lights and the heat on!

And may God bless our nation.






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