One of the best kept secrets about Hope Chapel is the privilege we’ve had for more than ten years to support two wonderful crisis pregnancy centers in promoting a culture of life.  One is in Worcester, formerly Compassion Pregnancy Center but now called Clearway.  They have the ability to do in-center, free ultrasounds for expectant Mothers and their families.  The other is First Concern in Clinton, which has evolved into one of the better “teaching” centers in the area.

I have had the privilege of serving on the Board of Directors of First Concern for the last 18 months.  Our annual Celebration of Life Banquet is coming up on Wednesday, October 21 at 6:45 PM at the Holiday Inn in Boxford.  I am particularly excited about our special guest speaker, Catherine Adair, and wanted all of you to know of the opportunity to hear her speak.  Her bio from the Ambassador Christian Speakers website is below.  If you would like to attend, please contact me to register so we can have a meal ready for you.  I do want you to know this is a fundraising event so an opportunity to support this ministry will be made at the Banquet.
Catherine Adair worked for Planned Parenthood of Massachusetts at the largest abortion clinic in New England. There she witnessed thousands of abortions, doing everything from making appointments to assisting in the procedure rooms. After seeing the aftermath of a second-trimester abortion, she was forever changed. Her personal experience with abortion at age 19 and time working at Planned Parenthood changed her from a pro-choice feminist to a pro-life activist. Her story is one of hope and healing, and she credits God’s infinite mercy and forgiveness for giving her the strength to share her story.
Catherine is now mother to five children (one adopted after her birth mother changed her mind about abortion and chose life!) and wife to a tremendous man who has supported her through her change of heart and her conversion to Christ. She shares her story in the hope that those fighting for life will know their prayers and faithfulness bear fruit, and that maybe more people will be converted to the culture of life.
I look forward to seeing you Sunday as we continue to explore the key choices that lead to a great life.





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