Take care of yourself. I was reminded the last couple of weeks about finding time to have a “sabbath” day. For pastors, it is not typically Sundays because we are focused on preaching, teaching, connecting, ministering, announcing, leading, and counseling. Even though we are focused on worshiping the Lord at the same time, it is different than laying everything aside to worship and finding rest in God for the week. Some of you know what that is like because you teach in Kids Connect or volunteer in some other capacity on Sundays. Some of you have missed Sundays because of the weather, illness, or family vacation and you too need to find that time in the week where you can truly worship and seek rest in God. Corporate worship really is one of the top ways to get all of that and it shouldn’t be something we so easily neglect. I encourage you to gather with us each Sunday as much as it is possible within your ability to do so.
Along with Sunday worship, we should be spending time with God during the week whether that is in prayer or bible study or turning up the music for your own personal worship devotion. As Easter is approaching, I hope that you are preparing yourself to stay focused on God just like we do in the Christmas session. If you don’t already have a bible reading or bible study plan, I would encourage you to check out a devotional/prayer guide that I created for the 40 Day Easter/Lenten Season. It started last week but you can join anytime. It talks about Discovering the Heart of God. What does God desire? What motivates God? What does God want from me?
15 minutes with God each day goes a long way towards taking care of yourself because you allow God to take care of you in your daily thoughts and activities. Spending time with God and Sunday worship is not just something we “do” as a Christian. We do so because it really does matter. It matters to your own emotional, spiritual, and mental health.

Pastor Steve

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