Sometimes it is really cool. Some of the time it is a bit mundane. What I am referring to is what your faithful giving allows Hope Chapel to do. There is no doubt that part of your giving goes to the mundane, but necessary, things like keeping toilet paper in the bathrooms, ink in the printers, the heat and air on, and so forth. But sometimes it empowers us to do something really cool. And this week we had one of those really “cool” moments.

I learned in the middle of the week that 7 people in Papua New Guinea who had been trained by 1 Body Ministries were stranded on their return journey because of an outbreak of tribal violence in the area to which they had traveled. 1 Body Ministries trains people in a basic discipleship approach which builds off storytelling, so it is particularly effective in cultures with high illiteracy that rely heavily on orality. These 7 people had received training recently in this methodology and had traveled to the remote highlands of Papua New Guinea to minister. There is one road in, which is also the only road out.

God was with them and they had great results, but while they were there the death of a local tribesman re-ignited some tribal tensions and it became unsafe to travel out of the region via the road. These 7 guys were stuck in a dangerous place a long way from their families on the coast. Besides traveling the road, the only way to get them out was via a small plane. All they needed was $920, which they didn’t have. A fundraising effort was initiated, and Hope Chapel was able to provide a little more than 1/3 of what was needed to get the 7 guys home. Thanks to your faithful giving, we could respond quickly to this Holy Spirit moment which allowed us to honor the passage that says “how beautiful are the feet of those who bring good news“. Thanks for your faithfulness.







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