Steven specifically serves in the Khmer Children’s Outreach, a part of the Water of Life ministries in Asia.

Water of Life (WOL) is an approved, allowed and registered NGO through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Government of Cambodia. It provides education, medical assistance, life skills and Christian discipleship to over 300 Khmer on a weekly basis.

The ministry center in Phnom Penh is home to over 40 young men between the ages of 14- 25 who needed assistance in life, and resources to complete their education. A house for college age girls to receive college education and/or life skills is also located nearby. The Children of Hope Home also finds its shelter under the wings of Water of Life and is home to about 20 children between the ages of 1-13. Each week the ministry center offers courses in English, computer science and fine arts the students attend in addition to their normal schooling. The classes are open to the community and provide an opportunity for our young men and women to share the love of Jesus with their peers.