Ronald B Waddell Jr. is a Philanthropist, Social Activist, and Entrepreneur. At the age of 5 Ron’s father abandoned his family due to drugs and incarceration. He was reared by a single mother of 4 children. At age fourteen his mother passed away due to a lengthy battle with cancer. His eldest sister assumed legal custody of him and his younger sister. This living arrangement deteriorated quickly due her abusive boyfriend. Ron then moved to Massachusetts, shortly after moving to MA, at age 17, Ron found himself homeless and doing whatever was necessary to survive.

In 2003 Ron attended Job Corps and completed a clerical trade which landed him a job for a, nationally recognized, insurance restoration company. Within 5 years Ron was elevated to the position of Project Manager, responsible for overseeing and managing 1.7 million dollars in business. At age 21 he also became the foster parent of 15 year old son and began volunteering at afterschool programs.

He has continuously been involved in serving disadvantaged youth. His commitment to youth resulted in him leaving his high paying job as a project manager to focus on his passion. He started his own independent insurance estimating business in 2013, and has seen increased yearly profits since its inception. He also recently founded the Finding Cain Fatherhood Initiative, which has a mission to maximize the potential of fathers, spiritually, socially, economically, and psychologically.

He is the Director of Aftercare at StraightAhead Ministries, a non profit focusing on juvenile justice. He is a certified transformational life coach through the Association for Christian Character Development trained by Master Coaches Daniel and Aileen Tocchini.

Ron is married to Sharice Waddell and has two sons, Joshua and Isaiah. They live in Worcester, MA.