Each year Pastor Neal Davidson and a team travel to Rwanda, Africa to provide leadership, pastoral training, theological resources, and support to a population predominantly made up of subsistence farmers that was devastated by genocide in 1994. They also help send 20 pastors to school beyond the 8th grade, which is a significant feat in a country where formal education ends in the 8th grade. This annual trip is called Good Rain.

Micro Seeds is an on-going fund available to women of Rwanda to start up a small business to help support themselves and their families.

A new need was identified in 2015 for the rural pastors.  Many of their churches have no windows (the Government requires glass windows – too expensive for these poor farmer-pastors).  Sunday celebrations are exuberant, but very dark.  During the February 2016 mission trip, twenty of the pastors received solar systems to provide light for their rural churches and homes.  Once the new solar systems were introduced, the pastors have also found opportunities for the community to have night-time meetings, charging cell phones, providing power for church music instruments and of course – the churches rural are bright.  In 2017, we hope to provide additional systems to the remaining pastors in Rwanda and African missionaries.  Thank you for your generous contributions that have made this capability possible.