“A few years ago the doctor told me I needed to cut back on caffeine. I had high blood pressure. I was drinking coffee all day and evening. It was time to cut that back. For me, cutting back slowly was too easy and too tempting to think I was cutting back enough so I cut caffeine out completely from day one. Surprisingly I didn’t have headaches that some people warned me about. I also wasn’t as exhausted as I figured I would be. And I could enjoy the taste of coffee without the caffeine. After nearly a year caffeine free, I added some 1/2 caffeinated to my morning cup without falling off the wagon.
Taking a spiritual challenge for 2016 can be like that. For some, you need to slowly challenge your routine to pray more, read more, complain less, serve more, etc. while for some you need to make a full change fast or you’ll easily fall into the same old routine. No matter your style, both take a level of strength, zeal, persistence, creativity, and self-control. If you haven’t done so well so far this year, don’t stop. Try it again. There’s nothing spiritually special about starting Jan 1 or┬áJan 16.
If you haven’t yet taken a spiritual challenge in an area of reaching, connecting, growing, or serving I encourage you to spend time with God and listen to what He is telling you to do in 2016. Obeying His lead feels better than you think it may be … even without the caffeine.”


Pastor Steve





Hope Chapel

35 Chocksett Rd

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