Pastor’s Word

If you believe the weather reports, Sunday morning is going to be kind of yucky – light snow moving in shortly after dawn before turning over to rain later in the morning. Compounding matters is that it’s also time change week-end when we advance our clocks ahead, losing an hour of sleep. But let’s follow the old adage “when life hands you lemons, make lemonade” and turn Sunday into something special: “Snow Boots” Sunday. Put on your favorite pair of snow boots, you know, the ones you have broken in over years of use shoveling your walk, and head out to church. Who knows, maybe we will even have a prize for the person wearing the oldest pair of boots!

Shifting gears completely, I hope you are finding our Easter devotional emphasis Don’t Worry, Just Say It profitable. Sadly, most Christ-followers will never experience one of the greatest privileges God gives us, the privilege of leading another person to faith in Christ. Think about it, you get to be there at the exact moment when someone’s eternal destiny is changed! I am praying you will follow along eagerly as we explore our own story of faith as well as the core truths of the Good News. You can find the resources on our website, but we will also have it available in printed form in the lobby each Sunday. But either way, be sure to check out the great videos that coincide with each of the weekly themes.

See you Sunday. And despite the yucky weather, invite a friend to come and sit next to you in service. We will be exploring the experience of the Rich Young Ruler…lessons everybody needs to learn. 







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