Pastor’s Word

This past Monday Steve and I had the opportunity to attend a training held at the Andover Police Station entitled, Protecting Your House of Worship with Compassion. There were a number of items covered that might need to be considered over the next few months. But one of the common refrains heard through out the day was the term “situational awareness”. As the week has progressed that phrase has been rattling around my head and found various applications.

Foremost, it highlights that in this day and age, without sacrificing in any way at Hope our commitment to being a trusting, friendly, welcoming environment, how all of us need to be alert to anything that just does not seem right and pay attention until you are confident its nothing or report it to some one who can check it out. Prayerfully,  we won’t have any of those situations ever at Hope, but all of us need to stay situational aware to what is going on around us so we can keep everyone safe.

But that idea also has real application to our spiritual journey. Staying “situational” aware is vital spiritually. Are we being tempted? Is there an opportunity to share my faith? Can I offer a word of encouragement? Am I moving toward God or slowly fading away? Am I seeking to please Him or myself or someone else? You get the idea – being situational aware of what is going on spiritually. 

And it also has relevance to our Annual Meeting Sunday night at 6 PM.  I know the weather is getting nicer and the sun is setting later so there are other things you might prefer to do instead of coming out to a “boring” business meeting. But in many ways staying situational aware of how to serve  and pray for Hope demands first-hand knowledge of what has gone on, is going on and what is hoped to go on in the future.  Therefore, I hope you will join us. To make that as easy as possible we are providing childcare. Member and non-members alike are encouraged to attend.
No doubt being situational aware requires having ears to hear what the Spirit is saying to the Church and eyes to see what God is doing all around us. It also takes being committed to letting our light shine before others so that our God might be glorified.

Keep shining,