Vacation Bible Spectacular is next week! We mailed out around 8000 postcards to homes with children. We’ve been talking about vbs for the past several months in our communication and social outlets whether it’s spoken, written, or visual. We’ve been planning and praying since Easter. Things are almost decorated. We have around 90 pre-registered with an expected 40-50 unregistered walk-ins. We are super excited about those God has entrusted to us. We never know how God will use these children to reach their generation.

However, in my opinion, we fell short of getting kids to this “outreach” event. There are 2500 – 3000 kids in the elementary age within our 8 mile radius reach. And yes, it is about the numbers because each number is a child that needs to know the Good News of Jesus Christ. I wonder whether we, as Christ-followers, have embraced our responsibility to invest and invite our neighbors to experience this life impacting experience of salvation through Jesus. I preach to myself right now as well. They could get a postcard, but your and my personal invite could be what makes the difference. I recently read how a Buddhist Monk said “it looks like as if Christianity has reached the stage in adolescence when the child is slightly ashamed of his father and embarrassed when talking about him.” OUCH! Is he true? And how can we change that? We must change that.

Walking across the street or picking up the phone and inviting someone to Christ or even to church can be a scary thought when you’re not used to doing it. But here are some simple ways that you and I can invest and invite others for the sake of the Gospel.

  1. “Like” and/or “share” Hope Chapel’s, Kids Connect’s, and Alpha Omega’s posts from Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Why? When you “like” a post on our social media platforms, your friends and followers can see what you’ve “liked” and they can see how you are a part of this church. Most people attend a church or event because they know someone else there.
  2. Use invite cards. For many of our events, we have invite cards available in the lobby for you to use. Hang these on your refrigerator to have a conversation when your friends are over. Or give them one as you ask about “what are you guys doing for the summer? or doing next weekend?” You then open the door to talk about what you are doing.
  3. Go and Offer rides. You need to first commit to go and then offer a ride. Some parents are very willing for you to grab their kids and take them with your kids to these events. Senior adults are also looking for someone to give them a ride to church. Again, most people attend a church or event because they know someone else there.
  4. Understand that it’s not just for families. Even if it is a “family” event, it is not just for those with kids. Even if it is a “teen” event, it is not just for teens. We need adults without children investing in families with children. We need adults without children to attend Alpha & Omega or our VBS “Family and Friends” night when we have dozens of unchurched parents coming in our doors and hanging out for 2 hours. You can be here reaching, connecting, and serving. It really does say a lot to a young family seeing the previous generation investing in them and their kids.
  5. Utilize the church building. Hope Chapel has hosted funerals, family gatherings, home schooling networks, girl scouts, and birthday parties. If you’re selling a product, we don’t host those events. But we do enjoy, if the schedule allows, letting the building to be used. People are exposed to Hope Chapel’s building and ministries through these platforms. We currently have people attending Hope Chapel because they came to a birthday party held at Hope!

These are just a few simple ways to invest and invite our community. Be creative. Be purposeful. Be unashamed.






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