Recently I’ve been privileged to do a one-on-one bible study with someone who has never studied the bible before, and knew very little about the bible. We have had a great time working our way through some of the most well- known passages of scripture, and have lately settled in on the Sermon on the Mount. It had been great to have a front row seat when the “AHA” moments come.
This is a person with a lot of irons in the fire, loves to be busy, and who gets energized about all kinds of things from household projects to politics. During one gathering I remarked to him that he seemed tired. His response? He said that reading the Bible had a way of quieting him, of bringing calm, of making him focus in on the things that seemed to matter most. Wow! Ever the preacher, I told him that it was no surprise because the Bible is not just another book, but it is alive in and of itself and always profitable when we read it.
But his experience is informative for our quest. If you and I really want to experience God’s love, the Bible is indispensable. The rumble of life will always tend to, and will frequently specifically seek to, drown out the ever present voice of God’s love. If we fail to embrace the Bible as God’s on-going love letter to us, we sacrifice one of His greatest tools in engulfing us in His love. So the Book is one of the great resources for “feeling” the love of God…in the words of my friend, it centers us and calms us. So happy reading.
See you Sunday to continue our exploration of Can You Feel It? with the hope that all of us can say about God’s love, Absolutely!





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