Valentines Day – Friendship Amidst Grief


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    Chris LaTulippe says

    Thanks Steve for your insights. I do respectfully disagree with your comment at the beginning though that this is not a sermon about love. It is an act of love to be there for someone in grief and now I have learned that the best thing I can do in love is to listen and pray.

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      steveblumer says

      Thank you, Chris. Yes, you are right. Walking with someone during grief is an act of love.

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    Peggy Coffey says

    That was awesome Steve. Love that the myth of “time HEALS” got exposed…time does heal; but it heals the weight of the pain, not the emotions and memories attached to it! After listening today, I spent prayerful time considering all the “grievings” I have experienced. I wrote them down to SEE them, and considered just how much time was spent/allowed on each “grief/death” experience. Not much, and more instances than I had imagined! No wonder headaches and arthritis and other maladies creep in to try to steal our healthiness/happiness! But praise God, I/we have Abba, Jeshua, Ruach haKodesh … we are blessed to the “resurrection” from the sorrow. In many places of this awareness time, I found the need to apply forgiveness and a reconciling of Spirit. Thank you Steve for sharing what God put on your heart….

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      steveblumer says

      Thank you Peggy. Thank you for sharing. Keep praying. Keep believing.

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